Technology advantage
Stick to the principle”Indepent research and technological innovation”

※Strictly meet the requirement of the GMP production standards. 

※According to the workshop section,keep the cleaniness from lakh grade to part hundred grade

※Research the products by company R&D team together with national academician experts

※Adopting the patent technology and imported equipments to design the leading level production line and to realize the FOUR standards:integration,automation,information and intelligence

※Advanced process-adopting the ultrasonic wave,complex phosphoesterasum,supercritical and other special process to get the specificity products.
※Use the Enzymatic technology,membrane technology and fragrance backfill technology to ensure the original flavor
Standard and international factory environment 
The company invested in the construction of the “Xian Yang Yang Biological Industrial Park” project,covering 230 acres,with a total investment of RMB 1.03 billion.After being put into operation,the annual output of tea extract and plant extract can reach 100,000 tons.
The company adheres to scientific and technological innovation, based on the rich land and water resources of eastern Fujian and a strong R & D team, leading technical level, first-class production equipment and perfected quality assurance system. The company is committed to R&D on the extraction and health properties of all types of plant and seafood intermediates. The main products include: tea concentrate, instant tea powder, plants, edible fungi, some marine biological extracts and natural health food.
CO2 Supercritical extraction
Xian Yangyang Bio has the industry's only 700bar supercritical CO2 fluid extraction equipment and technology, customized to our own specifications. The equipment ensures high pressure, low temperature, anaerobic atmosphere, high extraction rate, good product activity, good purity and no chemical toxicity residue. With a mature supercritical CO2 extraction technology platform, we can develop herbs and other raw materials into various high value-added products, which is one of the core values of Xian Yang Yang’s plant extraction technology.
 Membrane filtration, reverse osmosis membrane enrichment technology
      Through the ultrafiltration membrane technology and ceramic membrane technology, solids, colloids, proteins and microorganisms and other macromolecules suspended in the solution are retained, and the effect of purification and separation of the solution is achieved. Through the use of reverse osmosis membrane technology in a low temperature environment, the liquid is concentrated without losing the original flavor of the product to maintain the highest quality.
Ultra - high temperature instantaneous sterilization technology
     Ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization technology(UHT) is used to ensure that the original product’s flavor and safety is retained.

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