Fujian provincial Party committee secretary Quan visited Xian Yang Yang, repeatedly said!

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& amp; nbsp; & amp; nbsp; & amp; nbsp; & amp; nbsp; & amp; nbsp; May 7, 2014, accompanied by the leadership of the Fujian provincial Party committee secretary Quan in the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee, the Secretary General Ye Shuangyu, Vice Governor Chen Rongkai, province agriculture department director Zhang Lixian, Ningde Municipal Party committee secretary Liao Xiaojun and Zhouning county Party Secretary Chen Hong to fly, visit Xian Yang Yang Food Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Fujian inspection.
& amp; nbsp; & amp; nbsp; & amp; nbsp; & amp; nbsp; especially secretary while watching the production situation, while listening to the chairman Zhou Shaoqian report about Xian Yang Yang development course, heard in Xian Yang Yang in the past few years has made & amp; ldquo; Fujian Province tea industry Engineering Research Center (the first) & amp; rdquo;, & amp; rdquo; national high and new technology enterprise & amp; rdquo;, & amp; rdquo; focus on the industrialization of agriculture leading enterprises & amp; rdquo; and in making & amp; ldquo; tea concentrated juice & amp; rdquo; national standards of honour, giving high affirmation and praise. And commanded the Xian Yang Yang, must strengthen scientific and technological innovation, stronger doing fine, based on Fujian tea advantage, brand driven industry, with the industry to promote employment, to Fujian's economic construction and farmers employment income to make due contributions.

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