Our participation in the formulation of national standard "solid instant tea"

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& amp; nbsp; & amp; nbsp; & amp; nbsp; & amp; nbsp; as Ningde city only one set tea biotechnology and natural plant intermediate extract research, production, sales and service as one of the national agricultural high technology enterprise, our actively participate in establishing national standards. As drafting units and drafters, the chairman of the company and the Zhou Shaoqian, chief engineer of the Hong Tao Guo participate in drafting GB / T by the countries of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine administration and the National Standardization Management Committee jointly issued the 18798 in the fourth part the solid-state instant tea "revision of the standards, our become only one as a production enterprise to participate in the standards. The standard began to implement in June 22, 2014.
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& amp; nbsp; & amp; nbsp; the instant tea in solid form, "the national standard will on product classification, requirements, test and make new requirements, further strengthen the quality standards of instant tea in solid form.
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& amp; nbsp; & amp; nbsp; as a practitioner of standard strategy, our has always attached great importance to standardization strategy, products and has won Chinese well-known trademarks, national agricultural high-tech enterprises, such as a variety of honors and titles. The solid beverage standard setting the highest voice qualification makes Xian Yang Yang in the standard strategy and stepped forward a big step.
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& amp; nbsp; & amp; nbsp; our has always been committed to to create the most power plants extracts the first brand in China, investment of nearly 10 billion yuan in the construction of Fujian Straits Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. production base is located in Ningde City, Zhang Bay Industrial Park, a phase of the project will be put into operation in early 2015 is currently the largest, most advanced plant extraction production base.


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