Food College Enterprise Cooperation -- visit Xian Yang Yang

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& amp; nbsp; & amp; nbsp; & amp; nbsp; June 17-19, by participating in the 8th China & amp; bull; Straits technology and projects trading opportunities should be cooperation unit & amp; mdash; & amp; mdash; Xian Yang Yang Food Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Fujian invitation, Dean of food, Liu Jun, deputy secretary of school Party committee Chen Shaozhang visited the Xian Yang Yang company in Ningde City, Fujian Province. Chairman, distinguished Xian Yang Yang Institute of food research Mr. Zhou Shaoqian school vice president Liu Dean for a cordial reception. The two sides on the tea deep processing, terminal product development, student internships, employment, summer social practice and other issues were discussed in depth and reached a consensus.
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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Ningde municipal Party Committee attaches great importance to President Liu's visit. Late on June 18, Ningde Municipal Party committee secretary Chen Rongkai comrades in Ningde guesthouse cordially received and held a banquet for president Liu Anjun. Comrade Chen Rongkai thank Tianjin University of science and technology, especially the contribution made by the Institute of food in Ningde local economic development, and both sides hope to increase efforts to cooperate, then school government cooperation in a new era. President Liu Anjun said, will not live up to the Ningde municipal government's high hopes, in school cooperation, school enterprise cooperation on the road to take a solid pace.


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