Party secretary Chen Rongkai line depth Division I conducted a special investigation

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& amp; nbsp; & amp; nbsp; & amp; nbsp; may the Ningde, spring, and the wind gently blowing, 25 municipal Party committee secretary Chen Rongkai made a special trip to Xian Yang Yang Food Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Fujian of talent, the development of high-tech enterprises, the introduction of special investigations. Secretary Chen in-depth workshop detailed understanding of production and operation, and in the company held a forum, after listening to Chairman Zhou Shaoqian, on the future development of the company growth issues emphasizes the four points: & lt; br />
One is the Xian Yang Yang company as a national agricultural high-tech enterprises and provincial agricultural leading enterprises, the products with high additional value and broad market, the technology has the world leading level, enterprise development to promote the Fujian and even the province's tea industry is of great significance in the development is related to the whole city 20 million households in the sustainable development of the farmers' income and 90 million acres of tea plantations, so to give the city the bigger and stronger Xian Yang Yang companies; & lt; br />
Two enterprises with good use of sufficient preferential policies to increase financing efforts to achieve capital expansion, as soon as possible to achieve the listing; br; /> <
Three is to strengthen scientific and technological cooperation and personnel training, and continue to deepen cooperation with Tianjin University of Science and Technology, more attention to personnel training and the introduction, to ensure that personnel to keep up with the pace of enterprise development; br; /> <
Four Party committee, municipal government and relevant departments should take the company as a boutique project, to send, send a process, make a big brand, becoming the country's bright spot. Br; /> <
Municipal Office, organization department, agriculture, science and Technology Bureau, bureau of personnel and the leading Zhouning county government accompanied by research.


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